Welcome to the Church Child Care Network
The Church Child Care Network (C-Net) is a service organization for church child care centers in South Carolina. C-Net is designed to function in an advisory and informational capacity to our affiliates by providing a variety of programs and services for member centers and their employees. These services include offering quality training for all child care professionals and protecting church child care centers from invasive legislation and regulations.

C-Net also makes available to member child development centers both accreditation and credentialing programs. Programs of Distinction (accreditation) and Standards of Excellence (credentialing) have been designed specifically for church child care ministries. The accreditation process will allow a child care development center to evaluate its educational process and to receive counsel from experienced Christian educators.

C-Net is committed to helping churches establish and maintain the highest quality child care centers in South Carolina. The programs and services offered by C-Net will enable your center to better fulfill its ministry of caring for and training young children for the Lord. For more information on becoming an affiliate member, contact the C-Net office today.